The Future of History

One of the Guardian's Top 50 Apps for Kids 2013

Building on the critical acclaim of our iPad exclusive App, we have now launched the first in a series of enhanced and extended School Editions that slot effortlessly into any existing scheme. Our interactive, educational comics enable pupils to learn about history's key figures and events in a truly independent way. They also keep teachers completely informed of every individual's progress and identify where and when intervention is required.

21st Century Teaching

A declaration of independence

Pupils gain access to the knowledge through our "read along", literacy- boosting narration feature. Understanding is then demonstrated by applying this knowledge and identifying the correct entries for the comics' speech bubbles and caption boxes. It caters for visual, kinesthetic and auditory learners and is designed for use both inside and outside of the classroom.

All of our fully researched historical content is written by the author of some of England's most popular secondary school history textbooks.

Stretch your Learners

Differentiation in action

By correctly identifying every correct entry and "unlocking" the comic, pupils are proving their grasp of the who, what, where, when, why and how of an historical event. This knowledge can then be built on with our Comic Chronology and Comic Keywords challenges or free, downloadable Bloom's based summative assessments. Visit the Free Resources section and download now.

12 incredible comics in just one book!

Due to popular demand, we’ve gone back to the future and created the brand new Compendium textbook. Let comics invade your learning and see history’s great figures and events leap off all 132 pages! Scroll down to see what’s inside.

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Twelve Titles...

...that cross continents and span centuries.

All of the comics adhere to either the new KS3 National Curriculum or popular GCSE syllabuses. Perhaps more importantly, they all grab and hold the attention of even the most reluctant learner. By reading the comic, youngsters will learn the who, what, when, where, why and how of the historic life or event. Once hooked, they can Dig Deeper by interrogating a body of text and prove their understanding by tackling the assessments and challenges. Or they could peruse the puzzles, gallery, fun-filled fact files...

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Unrivalled appeal...

...for all abilities and provides proof of progress.

The Compendium not only lets youngsters learn, it allows them to reflect on what they have learnt and prove their progress. Every comic comes with its own Bloom’s Taxonomy based assessment and a whole page of challenges to boost literacy and numeracy skills and chronological understanding. With such a wide range of assessments and challenges, teachers can tailor this incredible resource to suit any ability level.

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Unrivalled versatility...

...for any school, home or youngster.

Investing in the Compendium doesn’t mean existing schemes and much-loved resources are consigned to the dustbin of history. It simply slots in and provides stand-out lessons for learners and summative assessments for teachers for every year in KS3 and 4. With free downloadable mark schemes and editable PowerPoints, you’ll be equipped with everything you need - whether you’re a teacher, home schooler or history-mad youngster eager to learn more.

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iPad School edition 1

Six incredible comics from across the ages

Comics in the Classroom is now available in a new edition especially designed for use by schools. Featuring six interactive comic titles, brand new bonus features to boost literacy and chronological understanding, extension tasks and Bloom's based assessments.

If your school has got iPads, your history schemes are not complete without Comics in the Classroom.


Six Classic Topics

Unrivalled pupil appeal

The six titles teach the who, what, where, when and how of a variety of key figures and events from British and World History. All topics covered either adhere to the new Key Stage 3 National Curriculum or feature in popular KS4 syllabuses. Each comic is of the highest commercial quality and illustrated by a different artist to create a variety of graphic styles.


Bonus Features

Reinforce understanding and introduce competition

By correctly identifying the correct entries for every bubble and box, the pupils "unlock" the comic and gain access to the School Edition exclusive Bonus Features. Comic Keywords challenges the user to identify and correctly spell 10 key terms that have had their vowels removed. Comic Chronology requires the user to place the comic panels in the correct chronological order. Both are against the clock and incorrect answers carry time penalties - who will record the best times in your class?


School Edition 1 includes all six comic adventures plus the exclusive Comic Chronology and Comic Keywords challenges for every title.


School Edition 2

Another six explosive titles - with more to come

More tales, tragedies and titans from the annals of history are on their way in School Edition 2. Our next six titles are nearing completion, ready to capture your pupils' imagination and broaden their understanding of figures and events from Britain and around the world. Check out the Gallery for more exclusive images..

The Next Episode...

School Edition 2 is on its way!

We've delved into the chronicles once again for the all new School Edition 2.
This time, the historical giants of Rasputin, Joan of Arc, William the Conqueror, Florence NIghtingale, Mary, Queen of Scots and Guy Fawkes are brought to life like never before.


Which stories would you like to see?

If you've got a favourite story from any point in history just let us know and we'll make the most popular
suggestions into comics to be included in School Edition 3 and the Home Edition of the app.


Free Resources

Make Comics in the Classroom the basis of a formal, summative assessment with our free
Bloom's taxonomy based tasks and mark schemes. To ensure your instructions are followed to letter,
download our free, themed Powerpoint presentations. All six contain Learning Outcomes and attention
grabbing illustrations but are fully editable to suit your exact requirements. Simply email us at and we'll send you everything you need to grade your pupils' progress.

School Edition 1

Screen resolution not available?

Let us know which wallpaper you like and your screen resolution and we'll resize it for you. If you have a favourite panel from a comic let us know and we'll make you a one off wallpaper. Obviously landscape panels work better.

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